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Last modified date: 28th May, 2021.

These Terms of Use (the "Terms") are a binding contract between You and Coolboots Media Private Limited ("Company, Coolboots," "we", “Qureka Lite Hindi”, "our" and "us"). You must agree to and accept all of the Terms, or you don't have the right to use the Services. Your using the Services in any way means that you agree to all of these Terms, and these Terms will remain in effect while you use the Services.

When you register on Qureka Lite Hindi from another Publisher site/product/service and start using it, these terms will automatically apply to you. You should make sure therefore that you read them carefully before using the product/service. You are not allowed to copy, or modify the product/service, any part of the product/service, or our trademarks in any way. You are not allowed to try and attempt to extract the source code of the product/service, and you also shouldn’t try to translate the product/service into other languages, or make derivative versions. The product/service itself, and all the trade marks, copyright, database rights and other intellectual property rights related to it, belong to CoolBoots Media Pvt. Ltd, the owner of the product/service - Qureka Lite Hindi. These terms of use are subject to change, so we urge you to keep checking them.

These terms constitute an electronic record in accordance with the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011 thereunder, as amended from time to time.

This website is not for use by any minors (defined as those who are not at least 18 years of age), and you must not use this website if you a minor.

We reserve the right to make changes to the product/service, at any time and for any reason in the future, however the product/service is free to use for the users. We will never charge you for the product/service or its services. CoolBoots Media will not be responsible for any such transactions/payments made by you to other 3rd party.

We at CoolBoots Media or Qureka Lite Hindi never ask you for your bank details or ask you to transfer any money to us in any case as all services are free of cost for the user. Please be careful of the fraudulent activities. Any CoolBoots or Qureka Lite Hindi along with its employees or associated parties will never ask you for any personal information except at the time of signup/login. In no case we do any activities beyond our service to contact you including any marketing/promotional activities nor do we share your information to any 3rd party for any such activities.

We store and processes personal data that you have provided to us, in order to provide you services seamlessly. Certain functions of the product/service will require the product/service to have an active internet connection. The connection can be Wi-Fi, or provided by your mobile network provider, but Qureka Lite Hindi cannot take responsibility for the product/service not working at full functionality if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or your mobile data pack has expired or if the mobile operator is not providing you mobile data for whatever reason. This can happen at the start of the game/ in between the game as well, Qureka Lite Hindi will not be responsible for not working properly if the issue is caused by your WiFi/ mobile data provider.

If you’re using the product/service outside of an area with Wi-Fi, you should remember that your terms of the agreement with your mobile network provider will still apply. As a result, you may be charged by your mobile provider for the cost of data for the duration of the connection while accessing the product/service, or other third party charges. In using the product/service, you’re accepting responsibility for any such charges, including roaming data charges if you use the product/services outside of your home territory (i.e. region or country) without turning off data roaming. If you are not the bill payer for the device on which you’re using the product/service, please be aware that we assume that you have received permission from the bill payer for using the product/service.

Along the same lines, Qureka Lite Hindi cannot always take responsibility for the way you use the product/service i.e. You need to make sure that your Smart Phone stays charged – if it runs out of battery and you can’t turn it on to avail the service, Qureka Lite Hindi cannot accept responsibility for the same.

With respect to our responsibility for your use of the product/service, when you’re using the it, it’s important to bear in mind that although we made endeavor to ensure that it is updated and correct at all times, we do rely on third parties to provide information to us so that we can make it available to you. Qureka Lite Hindi accepts no liability for any loss, direct or indirect, you experience as a result of relying wholly on this functionality of the product/service.

In some cases, we may enable you to access third party products, services or ads through our Services. Ads being serviced are through third party(ies) & ad network (s). We do not have any control over the ad content being served and will not be responsible for the same. Please note that those products or services including the ads are offered by people or companies not affiliated with or controlled by us, and we are not responsible in any case for their actions, their terms, their use of information, or their products, services or ads. If you submit your information to a third party, that third party’s treatment of your information is governed by their privacy policy, which may differ from this Privacy Policy and which we encourage you to review.

Please note that usage of Qureka Lite Hindi is limited within India only.

We may also wish to stop providing the product/service, and may terminate use of it at any time without giving notice of termination to you. Unless we tell you otherwise, upon any termination, (a) the rights and licenses granted to you in these terms will end; (b) you must stop using the product/service, and (if needed) delete it from your device.

Quiz Contest Rules:

Qureka Lite Hindi has multiple Quiz contests active for participation throughout the day for its users.

Below are the rules pertaining to Quiz Contests active on Qureka Lite Hindi.

i. That each Quiz Contest has a Start Time and an End time. Users can participate in the Quiz Contests during this period only as they are time frame based.

ii. That the Quiz Contest Name, it’s Start-time, End-time and Rank metrics are clearly mentioned for each contest active on Qureka Lite Hindi.

iii. It is pertinent and foremost important to note that NO Quiz Contests active on Qureka Lite Hindi have Prize money as reward. All Contests only have Coins as the reward.

iv. It is also pertinent to note that the coins mentioned in point iii are absolutely free. A User can either win the coins through Coin Based Games or We (Qureka Lite Hindi) shall give coins to you (User) for free to participate, in case you have less coins in your Qureka Lite Hindi wallet.

v. This is to be clarified that the Coins are NOT MONEY and cannot be converted into money at any point. These coins are for Coin Based Contest participation only.

vi. A user will get the reward as Coins ONLY if the user WINS the Quiz contest active on Qureka Lite Hindi.

vii. That each Quiz Contest has thousands of participants. A User’s rank will depend on the scores based on the User’s subject knowledge. viii. This is utmost important to note that “NO QUIZ CONTEST MENTIONED/ACTIVE ON QUREKA LITE HINDI REQUIRES A USER TO DEPOSIT ANY MONEY FOR PARTICIPATION”.

ix. That the Participation in any Quiz Contest active on Qureka Lite Hindi is absolutely free for all its users. There are no In-product purchases.

Coins Prize distribution:

At the end of every game, Qureka Lite Hindi will announce winners. The Prize can be in form of Qureka Coins.

Kindly check the Prize metrics and participation rules before joining any Quiz contest.

Qureka Coins are used as virtual currency and can be used only for participating in the quiz contests and will be maintained in the Coins wallet. At no point these coins are converted into cash prize money.

If the company suspects any abusive activity around any of its programs including but not limited to the - Daily contest, participation or winning, the company will have the sole discretion to take appropriate measures including blocking the user.

In case of any fraudulent activities detected from your end to disrupt, manipulate or hinder the right usage of Qureka Lite Hindi product & its services, the company holds the rights to terminate your access to the product without notice.

In no event shall the Company, nor any of its officers, directors and employees, be liable to you for anything arising out of or in any way connected with your use of this website, whether such liability is under contract, tort or otherwise, and Company, including its officers, directors and employees shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential or special liability arising out of or in any way related to your use of this Website.

We cannot control and have no duty to take any action regarding how you may interpret and use the Content or what actions you may take as a result of having been exposed to the Content, and you hereby release us from all liability for you having acquired or not acquired Content through the Services.

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees) arising from: (i) Your use of and access of the Website/Services; (ii) Your violation of any term of these Terms or any other policy of the Company; (iii) Your violation of any third party right, including without limitation, any copyright, property, or privacy right; or (iv) any claim that Your use of the Website/Services has caused damage to a third party;. This defense and indemnification obligation will survive these Terms.

We are constantly trying to improve our Services/website, so these Terms may need to change along with the Services/website. When you use any of the services provided by the Company, you will be subject to the rules, guidelines, policies, terms and conditions applicable to such service, and they shall be deemed to be incorporated into this terms of use and shall be considered as part and parcel of this terms of use. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these terms of use, at any time without any prior written notice to you. It is your responsibility to review these terms of use periodically for updates, we change. Your continued use of the website following the posting of changes will mean that you accept and agree to the revisions.

If you do not agree with the new Terms, you are free to reject them; unfortunately, that means you will no longer be able to use the Services. If you use the Services in any way after a change to the Terms is effective, that means you agree to all of the changes. Except for changes by us as described here, no other amendment or modification of these Terms will be effective.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be unenforceable or invalid under any applicable law, such unenforceability or invalidity shall not render these Terms and Conditions unenforceable or invalid as a whole, and such provisions shall be deleted without affecting the remaining provisions herein.

The Company shall be permitted to assign, transfer, and subcontract its rights and/or obligations under these Terms without any notification or consent required. However, you shall not be permitted to assign, transfer, or subcontract any of your rights and/or obligations under these Terms.

These Terms, including any legal notices and disclaimers contained on this Website, constitute the entire agreement between the Company and you in relation to your use of this Website, and supersede all prior agreements and understandings with respect to the same. The Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India, without regard to conflict of law principles. Further, the Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts located in Gurugram, Haryana and You hereby accede to and accept the jurisdiction of such courts.

No agency, partnership, joint venture, or employment is created as a result of these Terms and you do not have any authority of any kind to bind the Company in any respect whatsoever.

If you have any questions or suggestions about my Terms and Conditions, do not hesitate to contact us at support@goqureka.com